Financial Services for
Individuals and Families

Gierl Augustine serves individuals and families through comprehensive financial planning, professional investment management, risk management, tax planning, estate planning and financial problem solving. Our goal is to help people work towards their financial goals, from retirement to education, new business startup, major purchases, philanthropy and more.

Developing Your Individualized Financial Plan

Financial security happens through planning, not by accident. That’s why Gierl Augustine’s process is individualized, thorough and results-oriented.

Our approach is customized and takes into account your personal (or business) circumstances and risk tolerance. Relationships with our clients are characterized by a sense of collaboration, efficiency and transparency regarding fees and services.

It is this highly personalized approach to the planning process coupled with world-class service and our unique proactive approach to investment management that really sets Gierl Augustine apart.

Step 1: Understanding Your Needs

We offer a individualized approach to retirement planning and investment management that starts with getting to know you, our client. To be successful, a retirement plan or investment recommendation has to not only fit you today, but also have the flexibility and insight to work for you long term.

That takes an in-depth understanding of your financial and personal or business situation. By looking at your entire financial situation, we are able to provide recommendations that range from your investment portfolio to insurance to tax issues, and even estate planning.

Step 2: Designing Your Plan

This is where the diversity of experience offered by Gierl Augustine really benefits our clients. A good financial plan, investment plan, estate plan or tax plan doesn’t exist independent of other aspects of your life. They are interrelated; one impacts the next. It’s this ability to see how one aspect of your finances might impact other areas of concern that allows our professionals to develop a roadmap to help you achieve your financial goals.

The same individualized approach applies to business or government retirement benefits plans. Depending on the nature and structure of your organization and your goals, we recommend specific strategies tailored to your organization.

Step 3: Implementation

At Gierl Augustine, our resources have few limits when it comes to implementing your financial and investment plans. We have access to a wide array of financial products from traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds to alternative investments and insurance products.

Independent investment managers are screened, selected and monitored to provide clients with diversification not only of asset classes, but also management styles. Our extensive investment in technology provides Gierl Augustine professionals with sophisticated data and investment resources to analyze, design, monitor and adapt client portfolios as markets and client needs require.

Step 4: Monitoring and Review

For any financial plan to work, it has to be a plan that can evolve and change with the market and with your needs. Once your financial and investment plans are implemented, we continue to monitor your plans on a consistent basis. We will meet with you frequently to make certain everything continues on target, adjusting your plans as need be to fit changing circumstances, and updating your progress. Our goal is a long-term client relationship based on your success.