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Jim Jones

managing partner / financial consultant

Jim Jones’ experience is extensive, and so is the long list of investment opportunities and options he offers clients. Jim focuses much of his time and attention towards selecting alternative and private equity investment opportunities. His research and due diligence identifies best of class, non-market correlated investments geared towards generating consistent reliable income. Like the people he serves, they have come to trust Jim for his knowledge, integrity, caring approach, and attention to detail.

Jim wants people to attain their dreams of retirement, and that includes income planning to assure retirement goals are met. He is nationally recognized and licensed in multiple states.

Jim Jones and his wife live in New Albany, Indiana. He graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in business administration. Jim is a member of multiple associations and organizations including the Better Business Bureau and the Financial Planning Association.

Jim Jones can be reached at the Jasper, Indiana or Jeffersonville, Indiana offices of Purpetual Wealth Management.